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How To Set Up: #



Content: Choose content from the dropdown option: Post, Page, Product, or Custom Post type
Posts per Page:  Write Post Per Page, e.g: 10, numeric value, for all post write -1
Slide per row:  Select the item per Row
Title Color: Text Color
Title Font Size(Px): Text Font Size in Pixel unit
Display Thumbnail? : if you display image/ thumbnail then click the switcher
Show Nav? : if you display Carousel Nav then click the switcher
Show Dots? : if you display Carousel Dots then click the switcher
Auto Play: if you want the start carousel automatically  then click the switcher
Enable Loop?: if you want the content to start looping then click the switcher
RTL: By default, it is LTL( left to right), if you need  RTL(right to left) , click the switcher
Display Price(WooCommerce): if you display product Price  then click the switcher
Price Font(Px): font size of Price Text, the pixel unit
Price Color: Text Color


Video Tutorial: #


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